Typical Conditions Of Bail

Typical conditions of bail taken into account by a presiding judge will be pretrial check ins, no contact orders, employment, travel restrictions and substance abuse, amongst others. But all of these conditions do not necessarily preclude the Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds. Indeed, it may well form part of the employment contract of the bail bondsmen and women working for private companies like Acme Bail Bonds Rancho Cucamonga.

Part of the terms and conditions set by the presiding judge may mean the accused having to check in on a regular basis with what are known as pretrial services officers. These officers generally monitor whether or not the accused is complying with all of the remaining terms and conditions set by the judge. A no contact order works in much the same way that a restraining order would. And it could also be made a condition that the accused remain employed whilst on bail.

This may have posed a challenge if the accused was currently out of work. Nevertheless, it would have always made sense to impose a restriction on the use of substances like alcohol and drugs, particularly if the accused person has been charged with the abuse of said substances. Travel restrictions may also be imposed on those who certainly do have the means to flee. Those who are limited in their own resources should surely not be subjected to such restrictions.

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And they should certainly not be subjected to time spent in jail, particularly if the offences that they have been charged with are minor. What has already been done by the bail bond offices is to introduce flexible but affordable payment options for those who only have limited financial resources. But what is to be done for those who have no income whatsoever?